Des Art & Gears - This is the story

Hello, my name is Emil and this is the story of a shop which was created as a gift to my girlfriend, who is a talented painter and artisan, also a good writer and blogger, and a wonderful listener when needed. But she is also a shy person, who always underestimate her own talent, even if everyone are telling her how much she could do with it.

Her name is Despina and everything that is listed as products in this shop is her creation. Every item is handmade or hand-painted, inspired by arts all over the Internet, by life itself, by some of her closest friends and designed by her at home (Sofia, Bulgaria). She has been painting and crafting all her life, but only as unique gifts for her family and friends. Since she loves painting and making people happy through the things she is creating, I decide to open this store, so her crafting is able to touch more and more people all over the world.

I hope that you will be able to see her love for painting and creating new and wonderful thing reflected in every piece that she creates. Thank you for visiting and please do not forget to come again.

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